Bellish Hacks

Bellish Hacks

If you’ve ever changed or added a feature to your knitting, then you’ve already dabbled in the fine art of “hacking” your knits. Find out why (and how) to make knitting hacks a new part of your routine.

Sometimes we fall in love with a pattern, but there’s just one little thing we wish we could change. Maybe you love the shape, but wish the sleeves were longer. Or you love the body but wish you could change the neckline. Maybe you want to add length, take away length, or swap out a stitch pattern. Changing things up helps you get the look you want and make your project unique.

We’re all about personalizing your knits and we celebrate a good knitting hack when we see one. With Bellish’s customizable features you can mix and match design elements to get the look you want, and still add your own twist on top of the basic template – it’s easy to add stripes, gradient, change the ribbing or even swap in your own stitch pattern! With a little ingenuity you can turn a basic sweater into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Hacking your knits requires you to color outside the lines a bit. As much value as we gain by following the rules, there’s freedom in stretching your skills and testing out new ideas. Not only does it make it easier to create the exact sweater you’ve been dreaming of, but it also builds your creative confidence. The more you experiment, the easier it gets. And the more you test out new ideas with your knitting, the more the ideas will flow. (It’s true!)

Our friends at Makers’ Mercantile are hosting a “Design With Bellish” contest with their very own Whidbey yarn (shown above) for those with a knack for the knitting hack (and they’re giving away some great prizes, including the chance to collaborate with Bellish on a new design feature!). We challenge you to put your design chops to the test and unleash your creativity!

Find out about the Makers’ Mercantile Design contest here. And be sure to download Bellish in the App Store free (currently for iOS). 

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