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Wall of colorful yarns on wooden shelves.

Choosing the Right Yarn for Your Project

A successful knitting project comes down to the right combination of yarn, needles & pattern.

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Woolen Pom Pom on desk

How to Make a Pompom

Learn how to make a pompom for your Bellish beanie!

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Squares of knit fabric arranged in a circle

All About Gauge Swatches

If you've wondered about the hooplah of gauge swatching (why? what's it for? is it necessary?) - this post is for you. Find out why we're ALL about gauge swatches at Bellish.

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Rose colored knit sweater in progress on mannequin

How to Design a Sweater with Bellish

If you've ever wished you could design a sweater to look JUST the way you want, you're going to love what you can do with Bellish. This week we're sharing the step-by-step process of designing (and knitting!) a sweater with Bellish.

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Side view sweater in progress on a mannequin

How to Use Waste Yarn

How do you use waste yarn? What is it for? Keep reading to find out!

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Yarn skeins and needles in wire basket bellish

Knit From Your Stash

Turn your stash into washcloths or potholders using our free Bellish swatch patterns!

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Bellish yarn in box with notions on wood table

Knitting Alone Together

If there’s one thing we know about knitters, it’s that we’ll always ALWAYS find a way to keep knitting - in good times and bad, at knit night and in quarantine. As long as we have our sticks and string - and each other - we have what we need to keep going. 

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Yarn skeins wrapped around branch

Bellish Hacks

If you’ve ever changed or added a feature to your knitting, then you’ve already dabbled in the fine art of “hacking” your knits. Find out why (and how) to make knitting hacks a new part of your routine.

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Lion brand wool-ease yarn skeins in basket

Yarns We Love: Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Versatile, soft AND affordable! Find out why we’re crushing on Wool-Ease.

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Aqua yarn skeins

Buying Enough Yarn for Your Sweater

This week on the Bellish Blog we’re sharing our best tips for buying enough yarn for your sweater and how to determine if you should calculate your yarn according to yardage or balls.

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Bellish raglan sweater hanging draped over rail

What is Sweater Ease?

One of the most common questions for sweater knitters is how to figure out their ease. Whether you need the basics (What is ease?) or are just trying to figure out how much wiggle room you should have in your sweaters, we’ve got you covered.

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Create your next sweater with our growing selection of free stitches, or browse our swatch pattern library.

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