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Show off what your yarn can do with Bellish.

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Bellish Little Fountain Lace Sweater Illustration with Swatch from Lion Brand Yarns

Bellish is a fantastic free resource to get your customers knitting – with your yarn.

  • Design and knit a store/shop sample that’s perfect for the yarn you’d like to promote.
  • Run a “design your own” knitalong using the Bellish app. The app is free, which means your customers have more resources for yarn purchases.
  • Inspire and promote your customers’ creativity in new ways.

COVID-19 Support

Are you a yarn store or company selling online to support your community to keep knitting while at home? Our knitters are looking for ways to purchase yarn without leaving the house and we'd love to spread the word about you. Get in touch to talk about yarn features and promotions.

Bellish Colorwork Swatch & Raglan Sweater Illustration with Makers' Mercantile


Are you interested in creating a featured swatch pattern for your yarn? Fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.

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Commercial Use

You may - without permission – design and knit individual garments to wear, gift, and/or display at your retail store (including at a retail booth or online shop) as a means to promote your yarn as long as you include attribution and a link to Bellish as the pattern source.

Bellish’s free pattern generator instructions (e.g. the patterns created within the app) are for individual use and may not be sold in whole or in part.

For any other permissible uses, please review our terms of use.